Child Care

Child Care

Nurturing the Spark We Are All Born With

Child care is offered at Nshwaasnangong Child Care & Family Centre, which is operated by SOAHAC. Nshwaasnangong is a place where our young ones, and future generations thrive and where we rekindle our languages, honour the teachings of our ancestors, and live in balance with Mother Earth. 

We offer child care for children ages 0-6 who identify as First Nations, Métis or Inuit. Find out more about our service by visiting our website or by following us on Facebook or Instagram.

Child Care

Location Availability

We offer services in the following locations:
Child Care

Traditional Healing

Nshwaasnangong is the spirit name given to the centre in ceremony. It means “place of the eighth star” in Anishinaabemowin. The name, gifted to the centre in an Anishinaabe Naming Ceremony, references the original eighth star in the Big Dipper that fell to earth and became the Anishinaabe people. The name infers a great responsibility for caring and sharing the gifts of the sky world, including the culture, teachings and language, for children and families who attend the centre.

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Child Care

How to Access this Service

Families wishing to access child care can email us at for more information. We will reach out about how to formally register your child in Nshwaasnangong’s child care centre when spots are available.

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