Child & Youth Outreach

Child & Youth Outreach

Helping our Young Ones Thrive

We want children and youth to live well, gain knowledge and skills for mental wellness, and increase their ability to overcome challenges. Our services support clients in exploring their natural gifts and purpose in life, and in building their identity as First Nations, Inuit, and Métis. 

Child and youth services are delivered by our teams of child and youth mental health and addictions workers, social workers, systems navigators, and our tele-mental health coordinator. All programs and services have a strong foundation in culture and tradition.

Child & Youth Outreach

Location Availability

We offer services in the following locations:
Child & Youth Outreach

Traditional Healing

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Child & Youth Outreach

How to Access this Service

You can access our support services in-person, by phone, video call, and in group formats. Our team can adapt to meet your needs.

Community Resources

Contact this service if you’re in crisis at 1-877-209-1266. It is available day and night throughout Canada.

Offered through SOAHAC and its partners to support children.