Palliative Care

Palliative Care

Wraparound End of Life Care for our Loved Ones

Our Indigenous Palliative Care Team (IN-PaCT) provides services to Indigenous people who have received a palliative diagnosis from a health care provider. Palliative care helps improve the quality of life for a person with a life-limiting illness. We believe people should have choices about their end of life, such as choosing where to make their final journey.

Our dedicated and compassionate team members help with managing symptoms, offering information about what to expect, making decisions with you and providing comfort services to help with your journey. They can visit you in your home or place of choice to provide health care, and will ensure you have access to the emotional and spiritual support of your choice. They will also help you and your family navigate the available community resources that you may need.

Palliative Care

Location Availability

We offer services in the following locations:
Palliative Care

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Palliative Care

How to Access this Service

The Indigenous Palliative Care Team provides services in the communities of Oneida Nation of the Thames, Chippewas of the Thames First Nation, and Munsee-Delaware Nation. To access these services, please speak with your healthcare provider or call the London or Chippewa locations.

Community Resources

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