Supporting Aboriginal Seniors at Home (SASH)

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Supporting Aboriginal Seniors at Home (SASH)

Respecting and Caring for our Elders

Our SASH team supports Indigenous (First Nations, Métis, Inuit, Status and Non-Status) people aged 55 and older. We make sure seniors have access to high quality, culturally safe health care services. We also help seniors prevent or manage chronic conditions. Our team works together to help our seniors live safely in their own home for as long as possible.

Our SASH team includes a nurse practitioner, who provides healthcare services either in the clinic or in your home based on your needs, and an Aboriginal Patient Navigator, who can help you and your family find your way through the healthcare system if you’ve been admitted to the hospital. In particular, the navigator will work with your health care team to develop a care plan that includes the traditional and cultural practices of your choice by connecting you with traditional healers and arranging for language and cultural interpretation when needed. They’ll also help you understand and complete forms and help you plan for when you come home from the hospital.

Supporting Aboriginal Seniors at Home (SASH)

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Supporting Aboriginal Seniors at Home (SASH)

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Supporting Aboriginal Seniors at Home (SASH)

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We accept self-referrals for this service. Please contact the SOAHAC location nearest you to book an appointment or learn more.

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